Agile Portugal 2016 – Celfinet

Agile Portugal 2016 – Celfinet


About Agile Portugal

  • Agile Portugal is the premier international conference in Portugal about Agile Software Development and its practices, technologies, attitudes and experiences. Created with both experts and beginners in mind, Agile Portugal is the place where the Portuguese Agile community comes together to exchange and share their experiences about Agile development approaches.

About our presentation

  • In Biology, adaptation is the organism ability to evolve in order to be adapted and the dynamic capability of continuing to adapt to be fit and able to survive.
  • Organizations too need to follow the adaptation process and to be adapted to rapid changes in their business environments.
  • CELFINET has followed an adaption process, from pure consultancy services to software product development becoming agile for the fast pace mobile network operators business.

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Agile Portugal 2016 – Celfinet & Strongstep –

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