Software Testing Management training at SDILAB

On the 26th, 27th and 28th of November, Strongstep has given a training on Software Testing Management at SDILAB, Braga using Scraim as a support tool.

Being considered one of the Portuguese IT companies that grew the most in the last year, “SDILAB is focused on the development of management and billing solutions for different business areas: industry, catering and retail. Specialized in Point of Sales and commercial weighing areas, SDILAB is always looking for create innovative and differentiated products, in order to increase business value in a highly competitive market.

Bruno Sousa Martins delivered the training and states that the massive participation of all organization team members, including the upper management, is a clear indicator of the importance given to the quality of the products developed by SDILAB, which reveals an ambition of continuous improvement in order to assure their clients’ satisfaction.