ITMARK importance at Micro I/O (interview with Paulo Bartolomeu, Micro I/O IDI Director)


How was the process of implementing ITMARK and what were the benefits for Micro I/O?

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Strongstep interviews Paulo Bartolomeu, IDI Director of Micro I/O:

  • What was the importance of the ITmark project for Micro I/O?
  • How did Strongstep assist Micro I/O during the implementation of ITmark standards?

Note: that the video is in Portuguese.

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Micro I/O – Serviços de Electrónica, Lda. is a Portuguese enterprise specialised in research, development, innovation and provision of services in electronics (hardware) and informatics (software) in the areas of Electronic Identification, Communications, Embedded Systems and Integration of Systems.

Its philosophy is enabled by a close relation with the customer, fuelled by his involvement in the different phases of development, resulting in the creation of valuable solutions that meet his requirements.