Strongstep gives workshop in USA – Pittsburgh Pensylvania

Strongstep and Scraim from InRes CMU Portugal and Project Olympus – Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship from CMU, will be holding a workshop on agile project management using Scraim for the practical exercises, an online service of integrated projects based on adaptive processes to help standardize good practices across the organization.

This workshop will run for 1.5 hours and will address, in a practical way, topics related to project management using the principles of agile methodologies.

WHEN: Wednesday, September 30th 2:30 to 4:00pm

WHERE: Project Olympus 4620 Henry Street

SPEAKERS/TRAINERS: César Duarte is the product manager of Scraim. Helped companies with software process improvement, Lean and Kaizen. He has background in engineering and experience in product and project management. Pedro Castro Henriques is a experienced software engineer consultant that has worked in 11 countries on software process improvement.

This workshop is open to all companies of Project Olympus (current and alumni), for the founders and CEOs and members of the products and project teams.

Free registration.

Registration required and limited to 25 participants.