Strongstep presented a workshop on Agile PM at INESC TEC

Strongstep presented a workshop on Agile PM at INESC TEC


On January 28th, Strongstep delivered a workshop on Agile PM at INESC TEC.

Presented by Strongstep consultant César Duarte, the workshop introduced Agile methodology from the perspective of managing nonlinear rapid development process for innovative products, demonstrating that concrete practices of software development are key for the successful implementation of Scrum.

Participants engaged in hands-on exercises using the application SCRAIM in order to experience a highly sophisticated method to manage Scrum projects, processes and teams.

Scrum is a methodology associated with the agile movement, being currently one of the most implemented. Having its principles founded on improving Agile management processes, Scrum is characterized as an exceptionally fast and flexible methodology.

Presenting the processes, tasks and artifacts, which compose Scrum, the event aimed to promote the methodology and to foment its use.

The workshop was planned as a session for 30 participants, but more than 50 people from 28 different organizations have registered. Given the large number of registrations, the organization of the event scheduled a second session for March 3rd, from 10am to 12pm.

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