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The difficulties in identifying and understanding the requirements and in managing changes to requirements during the life cycle of projects are among the main causes for the failure of software projects. The requirements are the basis for the activities to be performed and the estimates for the project. Good management of requirements is essential to maintain control to achieve the success of projects in the presence of changes to requirements. Only then you can have satisfied customers. Usually companies are faced with the following difficulties:

  • ensure that requirements are complete;
  • realistic estimate of the effort necessary to implement the features;
  • develop products in accordance with the requirements of the client;
  • determine and control the scope of the project;
  • remain flexible to changes and respond to the customer.


This course aims to prepare engineers to deal with the requirements, learning how to manage efficiently throughout the life cycle. The base of knowledge are the best international practices (CMMI, RUP, etc.). The course covers the main techniques of discovery (elicitation), trading, analysis, modeling, documentation, validation and control of changes in requirements. Also provides methods for the construction of use cases. At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • apply the main techniques for discovery of requirements;
  • use prototyping techniques to reduce doubts and uncertainties in the requirements;
  • use techniques and tools for modeling semi-formal and formal requirements (with UML and OCL) to help find and remove ambiguities, omissions and inconsistencies in requirements;
  • document requirements, complete, accurate and understandable by all concerned stakeholders;
  • know how to manage changes to requirements throughout the project;
  • use management requirements tools.

Audience and prerequisites

This course is for all those involved in the capture, definition and requirements management software. This includes project managers, requirements managers, software analysts, quality managers and software engineers, sales and marketing representatives. The course does not require graduate training, but only some experience in software projects.


  • General concepts of software requirements;
  • Discovery (elicitation) and negotiation of requirements;
  • Modeling and documentation of requirements with use cases;
  • Preparation and analysis of requirements;
  • Structuring in iterations;
  • Specification and documentation of requirements;
  • Validation and verification of requirements;
  • Managing changes to requirements;
  • Requirements in CMMI V1.3;
  • Requirements in the life cycle;
  • Final exam

Practical Components

  • Production of a list of requirements from a definition of needs.
  • Identification of use cases and related documents based on templates.
  • Use of a tool for modeling in UML.
  • Preparation of a document of requirements.
  • Use of a requirements management tool.


The presentation of the proposed topics is intercalated with individual and group exercises. The course also has a strong practical component. Trainees will be evaluated based on performance during the various sessions and based on individual final proof. The trainees receive a certificate of approval or frequency.


Pedro Castro Henriques – Consultant in Software Engineering, worked in several European countries in process improvement, tools and organization – 8 plus years of experience including consultancy in telecommunications, planning and management of information systems in the health sector – planning and supervising information systems managing millions of euros.

Class Schedule

This three-day course meets at the following times:

  • Morning session: 9:00 – 12:30
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon session: 13:30 – 17:00


  • Unit price without VAT
  • Special conditions for groups

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