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Testimonies from certified companies:

Portuguese companies recognized with international certificates – ITMARK

Strongstep is proud to present the outcome of project Actor ITMARK from Inova-Ria where the first cluster of innovative technology companies has now been successfully completed, for the first time in Portugal. All the assessed companies have achieved this certification.

The ACTOR project – “Apostar na Certificação das Empresas TICE Organizadas em Rede” is a Anchor Project of TICE.PT Pole , supported by COMPETE under the Incentive System Qualification and Internationalisation of SMEs. The project aims qualifying companies TICE in several benchmarks of quality contributing to the improvement of its competitiveness.

  • Process improvement of product development and services
  • Improvement of other critical processes of the organization: business and security
  • Low cost and quick implementation of the improvements
  • Philosophy of quality
  • Internationally recognized (Latin America, Iberia, Australia, Eastern Europe, etc.)

Note: The basis of the improvement project is the implementation of critical CMMI practices for SMEs

About the companies involved in the ITMARK certification


ITMARK importance at Micro I/O  (interview with Paulo Bartolomeu, Micro I/O IDI Director)

MicroIOMicro I/O – Serviços de Electrónica, Lda. is a Portuguese enterprise specialised in research, development, innovation and provision of services in electronics (hardware) and informatics (software) in the areas of Electronic Identification, Communications, Embedded Systems and Integration of Systems.

Its philosophy is enabled by a close relation with the customer, fuelled by his involvement in the different phases of development, resulting in the creation of valuable solutions that meet his requirements.


ITMARK importance at Enermeter (interview with Teresa Martins, Enermeter Director)
EnerMeter mission is to make available to the market products, systems and services of high quality and expert technical support.

The work done, based on the sale of equipment and developing local solutions and systems, aims to implement a new base to take advantage of technologies, meeting the needs of companies and organizations in automation, measurement, control, communication and data management in order to increase performance of production processes and achieve greater rationalization in the use of energy.


ITMARK importance at Wavecom (interview with Nuno Marques, Wavecom Director)

WavecomWavecom is a telecommunication engineering company, with a strong component of Integration and Development in the areas of Wireless Networks and Unified Communications.

Over the years, Wavecom has invested strongly in R&D, achieving increasing market recognition as a partner of reference for success in engineering communications through integrated and innovative solutions.

Given the high market requirements, Wavecom bets in a new certification based on the best practices of the CMMI model.

J. Canão 

J. CanãoJ. Canão develops and implements global software solutions quickly delivered and customized solutions configurable and supported by innovative technologies in three major sectors: Local and Central Administration; Private and Public Institutions; Industry and Services.

Is a leader in port management solutions and logistics, contributing to the optimization, standardization, simplification and modernization of the procedures in the sector.


Inova-RiaInova-Ria – Association of Companies for an Innovation Network – is a non-profit organization created in 2003, and it’s located in Aveiro, Portugal. Its fundamental mission consists in the consolidation of a group of companies of telecommunications which contributes for the development and competitiveness of the Aveiro Region and of the ICT Sector in Portugal. In 2011, Inova-Ria had 64 associated companies , representing an aggregated turnover of 230 Million Euros, employing 2400 persons.

Inova-Ria is deeply committed on the certification in quality management systems of its associated companies, as a way to improve their performance and competitiveness. There have been an investment by these companies, and in some cases certifications were obtained from the partnership with Inova-ria. Globally there are 78 certifications in the cluster.


The success of this business initiative from Inova-Ria reinforces Strongstep conviction in its work methodology that is based on a positive relationship with its customers. Strongstep recognizes that each organization has its own culture and values that need to be understood in order to induce a positive change in the organization and promote process improvement.

Strongstep congratulates all the entities for all their effort, dedication, technical capability and maturity, that has been put to the test in this project that has been achieved with most success – promoting internal improvements and external recognition through certification.

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